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15 Ways Wealthy People Think Differently

15 Ways Wealthy People Think Differently

The wealthy think differently to the average person according to Steve Siebold, the author of ‘How Rich People Think’.

Successful investment portfolios have a lot in common with unforgettable novels and great fitting bras: They’ve got to have structure.

It is clear that successful property investors think differently to the average investor and the 15 ways below are what we find to be the most common:

Wealthy people think selfishness is a virtue

Average people feel they need to save the world and put others before themselves which is keeping them poor. Wealthy people have the attitude of ‘let me fill my cup first before I can fill yours’.

Wealthy people have an action mentality 

Wealthy people believe they are the captains of their destiny. They do no wait for others to help them. They have a clear goal for success. Wealthy people take action and spend time problem solving.

Wealthy people favour specific knowledge over formal education

Getting an education is nice, however, over the years we have met a lot of people with highly regarded degrees and PHD’s that are not financially well off. The wealthy person is generally wealthy because they have made money selling a specific knowledge or service they have acquired or created.

Wealthy people dream of the future

Wealthy people spend a lot of time planning for the future, setting goals and looking forward to what lies ahead. Average people blame everyone for their failures, dwell on the past which all to often makes them unhappy or depressed.

Wealthy people think about money logically

Wealthy people view money as a tool, a vehicle that represents options and opportunities. Average people have an emotional attachment to money with the attitude of ‘I just want to retire comfortably’. What does comfortable mean to you?

Wealthy people follow their passion

The famous quote goes ‘Do what you love and you will never work a day in your life’. Wealthy people find a way of getting paid for following their passion and dreams. Average people earn money for doing tasks and jobs that they don’t love.

Wealthy people aim high

Wealthy people have huge aspirations and dreams. Average people set low expectations to avoid disappointment.

Wealthy people believe you have to ‘be’ someone

Wealthy people focus on who they have to become within themselves in order to achieve a result. Average people believe you have to ‘do’ something to be rich and then wish for immediate results.

Wealthy people use other people’s money

Average people believe they can only create wealth using their own hard earned dollars, whereas wealthy people know how to leverage other peoples’ money.

Wealthy people live below their means

You will be surprised as wealthy people tend to live below their means, whereas average people live beyond their means.

Wealthy people teach their children how to be rich

Wealthy people educate, mentor and guide their children on how to create and protect their wealth. Average people just want their children to survive and be comfortable.

Wealthy people don’t let money stress them out

Average people do.

Wealthy people would rather be educated than entertained 

Wealthy people are always learning, growing and reading books that will help them with their wealth creation journey. Average people do the opposite.

Wealthy people surround themselves with like minded people

Average people think wealthy people are snobs and have a negative attitude. Wealthy people steer clear of the doom and gloom and focus on what they can control rather than what they cant.

Wealthy people focus on earning

Average people focus on saving and miss opportunities by trying to live frugally. Wealthy people continuously focus on the big picture and how they can earn and become more.

Wealthy people are thinking about what they will need the money for in the longer term. Is is to leave behind a legacy, is it for the grandchildren, is it to invest and create a sustainable / profitable portfolio?

The question is, what are you focusing on and what are your goals?

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Until we meet you soon, we wish you all the success in the world.


Jarryd Fisher

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