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E-Fishient Property Solutions Leadership

Empowering People Through Property

E-Fishient Property Solutions Leadership

At E-Fishient Property Solutions, we are committed to excellence, with a proven track record of achieving superior outcomes for our clients. With a genuine love for the property industry and a strong commitment towards our client’s outcomes, we will help you grow wealth for your future.
Our entire team possesses a desperate desire to always place themselves at the pinnacle of the Property Industry and as a result regularly attend training seminars, so that we can deliver our clients the best possible results for their investment property.

Check Out The Bios Below To Find Out More About Each Member Of Our Dedicated Team.

Ryan Fisher

Managing Director

With a Bachelor of Commerce and a Bachelor of Laws, Ryan Fisher uses his foundation in corporate management and legal understanding to lead the company. Using his unique knowledge and genuine passion, he guides clients through the property process, providing advice that they can rely on entirely.

His true desire and dedication set him apart from others in the property industry and gives the clients of E-Fishient Property Solutions a powerful resource.

Ryan’s journey in property was prompted by the death of a loved one who had an incredible vision for the wealth-creating potential of investment property. He was inspired to develop that vision into something real and he has a passion for educating and empowering others too.

Jarryd Fisher

Business Development Manager

With two Diplomas in Conservation, Sustainability, and Land Management, a Bachelor of Environmental Science and a Real Estate Licence, Jarryd Fisher works with a hands-on real-world approach.

Having held Sales and Acquisition Manager roles since 2010, his personality and enthusiasm for working with people drive the client-centered approach of E-Fishient Property Solutions.

Jarryd understands, cares, and works hard to give his clients success. After discovering the genuine wealth creation attainable through property investment, he was inspired to create businesses that inspired others to take control of their financial future and unlock the true rewards of smarter investments.

Jodie Williams

Senior Property Manager

In 2008 Jodie decided to enter the Real Estate industry after being frustrated with how her own investment property was being poorly managed. Since then her passion and love for the property management industry have seen her establish a successful career, climbing her way from the Reception desk to Senior Property Manager and Trainer to the Industry.

Recognizing that the industry needs for change, Jodie’s major goal is about building relationships with investors, residents, and partners in the property industry.
“It’s more than just finding the right tenant for the right property, it’s about building a relationship with both Investor and Resident and understanding their needs. Communication is the key to education. Investors need to know they can rely on the person who is assisting them in their property goals. Residents need to be treated with the respect that they deserve and be able to trust the person who will be managing their property in which they reside.
I am so excited about joining the E-Fishient Property Solutions team and being able to be a part of Jarryd’s and Ryan’s vision for the company. We look forward to our property journey together and await your arrival.

Gail Leamy

Sales Specialist

The privilege of being entrusted to sell a client’s most valuable possession isn’t something Gail Leamy takes lightly. Driven by a desire to make property aspirations come true, she sees it as an honor to undertake this important duty and works tirelessly to achieve outstanding results.

Commencing her real estate career in Durban, South Africa in 1986, before heading up her own boutique agency and then emigrating to Australia in 2002, Gail continued in this industry before switching to focus on the family business, where she concentrated on client relations and customer service.

No two days are ever the same in Gail’s business life. Tasked with meeting clients, listing properties, implementing marketing strategies, and undertaking negotiations, she’s passionate about this constantly evolving industry and relishes the opportunities this role brings with it to meet a diverse range of people. This warmth doesn’t go unnoticed by clients – it’s why so many vendors and buyers feel so comfortable to share their stories with her while on their purchasing or selling journey and why she works tirelessly to exceed expectations.

Having joined the E-fishient Property Solutions Team, this tenacious negotiator, loyal advocate, and honest, hard-worker is ready to prove to you that her results really do speak volumes.

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