Property Investment

The media tells us that property investment and wealth creation through property is increasingly unattainable. We say that is not true – if you know what you are doing. Approximately 90% of those commonly known as “Property Enthusiasts” do not manage to purchase more than one property, despite their plans for a large portfolio. This is because without the guidance, experience and strategic direction of a professional, it is a difficult field to navigate.

Our team provides one-on-one strategy sessions so we can guide and mentor you through the process of investing in property. Our experience has allowed us to develop our unique strategy that has been proven time and time again – and it is created for first time investors so once you take that first step, building a dream property portfolio is realistic and attainable. When you work with E-Fishient Property Solutions, our knowledge and expertise is your asset for life.

The E-Fishient Wealth Generator uses traditional investment methods to purchase the right property, in the correct market, at the right time. We leverage equity through duplication to grow your portfolio whilst legally minimising your tax requirements. While we hold significant numbers of E-Fishient Approved investment properties, we only recommend the properties that suit each client’s unique portfolio based on size, investment and comfort level. We aim to avoid impacting the day-to-day cash flow of clients, but focus on placing them in an improved cash flow position.

We provide detailed market reports along with our recommendations for clients so they have complete confidence in the performance and reliability of their acquisition. Our cash flow analysis report is provided to each client so they can assess exactly how their weekly cash flow position will be affected by their investment decisions.