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We appreciate that buying an investment property is one of the largest financial decisions you will likely make. That’s why we offer clear and regular communication, high quality tenants and comprehensive and reliable property management services for properties across Brisbane and the rest of South East Queensland.



Dedicated Service

At E-Fishient Property Solutions we care about you and your future financial success and growth. The number one benefit we see to our clients is the genuine dedication we take to our management responsibilities. We are a family run business and our clients properties are not just merely another number to us rather they represent a great amount of trust and respect shown towards us and we will do everything in our power to uphold that.


Local Knowledge

Our Property Management Team are constantly keeping up to date with the changing legal requirements. In addition, our team consistently monitor the local rental market to help our clients maximise their rental income and keep vacancy levels to a minimum.


High Quality Tenants

E-Fishient Property Solutions takes our role of selecting high quality tenants very seriously. Each tenancy application is checked against The National  Tenancy Database for any irregularities. Once a tenant has been selected, our team is dedicated to keeping them happy and comfortable in their new home. This will ensure they stay longer, respect your property and ultimately maximise your property’s returns.


Service Guarantee

In consideration of the trust you have shown towards our agency, we guarantee to provide you with the best possible service in the management of your investment property. We are so confident in our ability to effectively manage our client’s investment properties that we offer a 90 Day Service Satisfaction Guarantee, meaning if for what ever reason our clients are not completely satisfied we will refund to them 100% of the management fees paid to date.



Before your tenant moves in, we will provide you and your tenants with a detailed Entry Condition Report including photos. Upon the tenant vacating your property, a detailed Exit Condition Report will be provided, to ensure the tenant has kept the property in the same condition they received it in, save for fair wear and tear. In the meantime, we conduct quarterly inspections to monitor how the tenant is maintaining our clients property.


Financial Accounting

We understand that most investors use rental income from their investment property to meet their mortgage obligations. That’s why we offer flexible rental income distribution options (i.e. bi monthly or monthly). This distribution is accompanied by a statement, which will be made live on your landlord portal as well as being emailed to you. We also produce an end of financial year statement detailing all information your accountant will require to complete your tax return.


Repairs & Maintenance

We have a team of licensed professionals and tradespeople to take care of our clients property’s every need. You will be contacted prior to any maintenance or repairs being undertaken and receive copies of any associated invoices.


Rental Arrears

Our team have a zero tolerance for rental arrears. We have strict policy measures put in place to handle the occurrence of rent arrears and ensure that they are mitigated effectively and efficiently.

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