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Agency Process

As your application is high priority, we will endeavour to have an answer to you within 24-48 hours, but will advise you if it will be longer due to delays in reaching your contacts.

Information verification by our agency

To verify your application information we contact National Tenancy Databases (TICA & NTD). If you have had a problem with a previous tenancy, please discuss the circumstances with us.

If Application is not accepted

If your application is not accepted by the Lessor, it will be retained for 48 hours and then destroyed securely, to comply with Privacy Legislation.

Rent payment method options

Direct Transfer (EFT) or Branch Deposit are accepted as rent payment methods.



Thank you for your enquiry regarding our available rental properties. To assist you in the process of applying for a property to lease with our agency, we provide the following information:


  • Complete an application form – one per person over 18 years of age
  • Include evidence of your income e.g.
    • Pay slip
    • Accountant letter
    • Centerlink documents +- 3 months of bank statements showing regular deposits
    • Scholarship documents
  • Provide and attach photocopies of documents required to meet 100 points of identification as the guide shows below. Please note this agency cannot provide photocopying services.
Document Points
Driver’s License 40 points
Passport 40 points
18+ Card 40 points
Birth Certificate 30 points
Other Photo ID 30 points
Current Wage Advice 30 points
Document Points
Previous Tenancy Reference 20 points
Previous two rent receipts 20 points
Motor vehicle registration 10 points
Bank Statement 10 points
Telephone Account 10 points
Electricity Account/Gas Account 10 points


Either complete our Agency Utility Connection Form available from Reception or arrange personally the following services as applicable:

  • Power Connection
  • Gas Connection (if applicable)
  • Phone Connection
  • Contents Insurance (arrange personally)
  • Change address (for existing accounts and services)

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