"Working with Ryan and Jarryd has been wonderful so far. They sat down with us, created an investment strategy that was perfect for us and through them we've purchased our first property. We couldn't be more happy with their service, diligence and hard work! They took the time to understand our exact needs, spoke to our financial planner and accountant and considered our retirement plan too. You don't find many people who go to that much effort to get the best outcome these days so we're happy to be part of the E-Fishient Property Solutions Client list!"


"Having bought property in the past as well as being an owner of an RTO company for many years, I am extremely sceptical of these so called property gurus. The properties I had bought in the past never returned what I was lead to believe, so I came to E-Fishient Property Solutions through a recommendation from a friend and colleague. I have to tell you that for the first time in my investing career, I am completely satisfied with the work that they have done and the properties I have bought. I am getting a positive cashflow return and their support, not just with buying the property, but also with the other bits and pieces that go into buying property such as conveyancing, mortgage brokering, property management etc has given me my best experience yet with a property advisory company. I am excited to keep on working with Jarryd and Ryan and I will be buying another property in March 2018 to keep my 10 year plan which we formulated together on track."


"Being a business owner of a Digital Marketing company, I am an expert on all things digital. However, when it came to property investment, the truth is I was clueless. As a result of this, I was extremely fearful when it came to engaging a property investment advisory company because of all the bad stories you hear. I can tell you with 100% confidence that E-Fishient Property Solutions is not one of those companies. Their Knowledge, experience, friendliness and overall business skills have left me feeling so confident in the process and plan we have put together. They have listened to and understood all of my concerns and I am so grateful for the work they have done. I look forward to being a client of Jarryd, Ryan and the rest of the team at E-Fishient Property Solutions for many years to come".


"We approached Ryan and Jarryd to help us understand the property market and to devise an investment strategy that suits our current lifestyle living overseas but will still support us when we return back to Australia. They were incredibly thorough when it came to learning about us and their tailored plan was exceptional, covering a property purchasing plan that even took into account our tax requirements. They are both so personable, approachable and dealing with them so far has been great. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to anyone looking for good property investment or real estate advice from genuine, honest people."


"We are so grateful for Jarryd and E-Fishient Property Solutions! Every step of buying our first home has been smooth and stress - free with Jarryd going above and beyond for us. He is genuine, honest, hard working and proven we can depend on him to help us get the very best outcome. We are happy to recommend E-Fishient Property Solutions to anyone".


"I was fortunate enough to meet Ryan from E-Fishient Property Solutions just as I was about to hit breaking point with a local broker as I felt it was 'all talk' and no action. Since meeting Ryan, he has consistently gone above and beyond and guided my First Home Owner journey into a positive one. The service that has been provided thus far has been second to none. Despite the daunting nature of building your first home, Ryan and his team have guided me step by step, liaised and coordinated all my requests, provided me with important dates and promptly reminded me of my obligations and been my advocate. It has been an honest and transparent service that Ryan and his team have provided, which is a rarity in this field. His regular response that he will 'take care of it' has made my journey nothing but stress free and seamless. It is evident that Ryan has comprehensive knowledge and experience in the business both personally and professionally and I have no hesitation in recommending their service. Thank you Ryan".


"After building houses for people I decided I wanted to start owning some myself and generating extra cash flow. When I approached Jarryd and Ryan, I expected to need to look around the Brisbane area, however they found some properties in Toowoomba - where I live and work - with awesome capital growth potential and after putting together an investment plan just for me, I decided to purchase my first. Their flexibility and range of investment locations has made it so easy for me to manage tenants and the property myself. They know so much about the market and I can't wait to build up my portfolio under their guidance."


"We were looking for someone to manage our property development projects when we came across E-Fishient Property Solutions. Jarryd and Ryan have been fantastic while working on our project and their attention to detail has been immaculate. It is a big thing to trust someone with your own assets and your own project, but we have been so pleased with the service E-Fishient Property Solutions has provided and look forward to continuing to work with them on further projects."

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"I've had the pleasure of working with Jarryd and Ryan over the past few months and it's a pleasure recommending their services to family, friends and colleagues. Jarryd is honest, dependable and hard working and has shown to go above and beyond for his clients. His knowledge of the property market, local experience and being an all round great person, makes him a trusted adviser."

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"E-Fishient Property Solutions' commitment to servicing their client's needs is unparalleled. Whether you're a seasoned investor or first home buyer, Ryan and Jarryd will accomodate to your specific needs and ensure you are provided the best quality of service."

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"Jarryd is a great real estate professional. I've referred him to a number of people that I care about and he's gone the extra mile. He's a pleasure to deal with and no request is unreasonable. He will do all he can to make his clients happy. I'm extremely happy to recommend E-Fishient Property Solutions to anyone who needs a trusted real estate advisor."

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"My husband and I came to the Gold Coast area for a weekend to explore investment opportunities. We submitted several inquiries online for properties we were interested in and when we received a phone call from E-Fishient Property Solutions on the Monday morning, they really stood out against all of the other companies. Not only due to their respectfulness, level of expertise and professionalism, but also for the full range of services they offer and their personal manner. Considering this is our first investment as well as first construction project, we felt confident in working with E-Fishient Property Solutions - we felt like they were the right people to work with. They are always just a phone call away and they offer all you can ask for on a project. I would recommend them to anyone looking to purchase investment properties in South East Queensland."

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"I have had the privilege of working with E-Fishient Property Solutions over the first part of this year, and the one thing that strikes me with Jarryd, is how genuine he feels about assisting others with wealth creation and helping new investors navigate through the investment process. If you are considering investing in the near future, I can absolutely recommend you talk to the team at EFPS. They are hard working , honest, and highly ethical. These are critical attributes for those for looking for good property investment advice, and Jarryd displays these in every interaction. Do yourself a favour and contact him today!!"

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“Jarryd and Ryan Fisher from E-Fishient Property Solutions are a breath of fresh air in the property industry. From the start to the end they take a personal/hands on approach to managing your project. They understand where you are coming from and how to assist every step of the way. I cannot recommend them highly enough, they make everyone’s life easy and really know how to get things done.”

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"As first home buyers we were quite overwhelmed by the whole concept of building a house, Ryan and Jarryd have taken away all of our concerns and treated us like part of the family. They have liaised with my mother on our behalf as we cannot always answer emails, they have done everything in their power to ensure we will have our dream first home, even going to the site to take photos when we couldn't. They are a complete package!!"

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"We were stuck in a mortgage rut and wanted to find out how to reduce it faster. The team at E-Fishient were so patient with us and worked through our situation. Their professionalism and attention to detail was remarkable. Through their help as well as their team of specialists, we have formulated a plan that will see is pay off our current mortgage of $554,673 in the next 10 years when we thought it was going to take 21. Not only that, the plan incorporates investing in property which we never thought was possible at the time. All I can say is thank you from the bottom of our hearts."

If you have any questions about how to identify a investment opportunity or would like to enquire about what is the next step needed to achieve your goals, please contact us.