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Why work with a Buyers Agent?

Why work with a Buyers Agent?

One of the services we offer our clients is a Buyers Agency. While about 63% of property owners engage a Buyer Agent to purchase property on their behalf in the United States, we aren’t using them that often in Australia – but we should be. Buyers Agents present some really valuable advantaged to property buyers in the Australian market, so today we thought we’d share why.


What they do, in a nutshell
A Buyers Agent will act on behalf of a buyer throughout the entire property purchase from start to finish. They are remunerated for their services either by fixed fee or by percentage of the purchase price.


Buyers Agents are well educated in their local property market and real estate in general, so they can provide a wealth of knowledge to clients to ensure they make a good real estate purchase. They have access to statistics and projections about property values, capital growth prospects, rental yields and market values that an un-educated buyer wouldn’t.


Buyers Agents are licensed so you know they know their stuff and have the qualifications to provide the service. This doesn’t just include the practical side of things but also the moral and ethical responsibilities and rights of their role in helping you.


Objective Approach
Because buying a property can often become an emotionally difficult decision, Buyers Agents can give you an objective approach and help you to see both the emotional side and the analytical side of your potential purchase.


Negotiations can be difficult especially for people who aren’t used to do it on a regular basis. Negotiating can be made easy with Buyers Agents, as they know how to negotiate, can do it from a professional position and can often get you a better price than you expected to pay.


Stress Free
By engaging Buyers Agents to act on your behalf, you can simply brief them then sit back and let them do the hard work. This makes your life easier and the whole process stress free as you aren’t the one scouting for properties, making inquiries, asking questions and trying to make decisions.


Save time
And the other big advantage is time. You can save so much time by engaging Buyers Agents so it becomes a really valuable thing to do for anyone who is busy with work and family life or who is moving to a new place or buying from a distance.


So the next time you’re thinking of making a purchase, let us know as we might be able to make it a much happier, easier, smoother process for you.

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